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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gadamer - Reason in the Age of Science

Reason in the Age of Science
(Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought)
by Hans-George Gadamer

# Paperback: 216 pages
# Publisher: The MIT Press (September 14, 1983)

"This book will consolidate Gadamer's growing reputation in the English-speaking world. It will serve as an ideal introduction to Gadamer's thought, and to problems of hermeneutics more generally, since the essays included are clear and easy to follow. For those already familiar with Gadamer's philosophy, these essays are equally important because they illustrate themes in the recent development of his ideas. No one who reads this book will any longer suppose that hermeneutics is indifferent to social critique or political practice. I know of no other short work by Gadamer that offers a more succinct yet brilliant demonstration of the contemporary importance of Gadamer's philosophy."
- Anthony Giddens, Kings College, Cambridge

"This collection of probing and lucidly written essays shows Gadamer as the leading Continental philosopher after Heidegger. It is an impassioned defense of practical reason, and of hermeneutics as a mode of practical philosophy, against the twin dangers of scientism and ideological partisanship. In the best humanist tradition Gadamer vindicates philosophical reflection as basic precondition of a life 'worth living.'"
- Fred R. Dallmayr, University of Notre Dame

after reading two reviews above you should be downloading this one! [photo taken at 1993]

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