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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Deleuze - Difference and Repetition

Difference and Repetition
by Gilles Deleuze
Paul Patton (Translator)

"This is a long-overdue, and skillful, translation of one of Deleuze's most important and original works...It occupies an important place in Deleuze's oeuvre as the first text, following a series of historical commentaries, in which he philosophizes on his own behalf. It occupies an equally important place in the evolution of French philosophy in the 20th century, as it articulates a profound critique of the philosophy of representation while constructing a metaphysics of difference freed from subordination to a logic of identity. While charting the development through the history of philosophy of the concepts of 'pure difference'and 'complex repetition,'Deleuze proposes a new image of thought, which readers familiar with his later works will recognize. A difficult and challenging text that has done as much as any to initiate the philosophy of difference that characterizes much recent French thought, this book is one of the classics of recent European philosophy." -- Alan Schrift, author of Nietzsche's French Legacy : A Genealogy of Poststructuralism

“Perhaps, one day, this century will be known as Deleuzian” Foucault

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