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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Descartes Embodied: Reading Cartesian Philosophy through Cartesian Science

Descartes Embodied: Reading Cartesian Philosophy through Cartesian Science
by Daniel Garber

# Hardcover: 352 pages
# Publisher: Cambridge University Press (December 18, 2000)

"This volume is valuable in that it collects in one place essays otherwise not too easy to come by and which together offer a compelling interpretation of Descartes's thought by one of its most distinguished contemporary readers." Review of Metaphysics

"The quality of scholarship and intelligence of the author make for an excellent and highly recommended book for upper-division undergraduates through faculty and advanced scholars." Choice

Book Description
This volume collects some of the seminal essays on Descartes by Daniel Garber, one of the preeminent scholars of early-modern philosophy. A central theme unifying the volume is the interconnection between Descartes's philosophical and scientific interests, and the extent to which these two sides of the Cartesian program illuminate each other, a question rarely treated in the existing literature. This collection will be a mandatory purchase for any serious student of or professional working in 17th-century philosophy, history of science, or history of ideas.


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