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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy: An Introduction

Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy: An Introduction
(Studies in Continental Thought)
by Daniela Vallega-Neu

# Paperback: 121 pages
# Publisher: Indiana University Press (May 2003)

In her concise introduction to Martin Heidegger's second most important work. Contributions to Philosophy (From Enowning). Daniela Vallega-Neu provides guidance and structure to readers attempting to navigate this much-discussed but difficult text. Contributions reflects Heidegger's struggle to think at the edge of words and to bring to language what remains beyond the written or the spoken. In view of the centrality of Being and Time to Heidegger interpretation in recent decades, Vallega-Neu introduces Contributions first by reconsidering Being and Time in light of the transformative turn from prepositional thought to the poietic, performative character of thinking and language that marks the passage between the two works. She then discusses each of the "joinings" that structure the composition of Contributions. This graceful introduction provides students and scholars with a much-needed key for unlocking the thinking that underlies Heidegger's later writings. Short, clear, introduction to Heidegger's second most important but difficult work.
He sees in the distance, set for someone
Who died on the path... what does it mean?

from Hölderlin's Mnemosyne

also contributions itself here


pensum said...

Hey a thousand thanks for all your efforts, much appreciated. Just thought you should know that the download is actually not the Companion but rather Vallega-Neu's Introduction to Contributions--a small but significant difference.

renc-u-ana said...

thanks a lot for making me remark [, yet there is a question came: why other downloaders (48now) didn't post anything? ]

I thought that I've the companion volume, my real library and e-library mixes up: ereignis lost in subtle blogging, retreats (sorry sylvia for deforming your prophecy) (I didn't sleep so I may sound nut-like)

renc-u-ana said...

"FRAIL: Toward a Future Art" really good site

pensum said...

Thanks! And here's an excellent collection of essays on Heidegger available for download by bit torrent:

renc-u-ana said...

I've already that volume. and 23 books by heidegger 14 books on heidegger. yet biggest problem is that days are not 48 hours! I've no time to upload and post, making double major ruins up my world

oh Antigone, thou shalt lit my tyme up and 'there shall be no more death'

p.s. reading benjamin for 4 hours in a day may cause cognitive dissonance