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Sunday, June 29, 2008

We Carry On

To them our footsteps sound too lonely in the lanes. And if at night lying in their beds they hear a man walking outside, long before the sun rises, they probably ask themselves: where is the thief going? [thus spoke zarathustra,p.5]

I thought of writing of the night, of this maddening trauma spilling from notre musique. I wanted to write of the theoretical look that lies under the perception of the book as substance, designating the work as disposable.

(understanding the worklessness that shines-forth the work, brings the syncope.)

what any metaphysical claim of understanding subjects us is of thinking the understanding as Darstellung. we must carry on the task of fragmentary demand.

Hitherto our arguments for showing that the question must be restated have been motivated in part by its venerable origin but chiefly by the lack of a definite answer and even by the absence of any satisfactory formulation of the question itself. One may, however, ask whayt purpose this question is supposed to serve. Does it simply remain -or is it at all- a mere matter of soaring speculation about the most general of generalities, or is it rather, of all questions, both the most basic and the most concrete? [Being and Time,p.29]

let us think this "thinking.. unheard demand" [Nancy] within (which Buck-Morss calls:) a global public sphere in which creation of the "as" structure of langauge bring worklessness. where translation [benjamin] of the "absurd insanity, the curse of existence"[blanchot] of speaking-mouth from night into the daylight brings malheur. where the question is not about the content but of the path of thought.

I could have done written a Bourdieuan analysis of the field of intellectual field where I can mark out the power field and unevenly distributed forms of capital; the sens pratique which makes us revolutionaries, translators, writers; the symbolic violence that exposes us to the sovereign's terror. I stop here. [actually I've no breath for any word, to write this down I've gone berserk]

this blog will continue with a different policy which I derived the criteria from the debate. there'll be thematic dossiers (I'm looking for co-editors on various topics, mail me if you want [there we have alrady a french feminism issue by Majene Mafe]). (I'll start posting in a week)

I want to thank all of you who wrote (and ones who mailed to me) the wonderful readings of the question. you -certainly- changed my life. if there is a question to be asked, we must get rid of all "if"s that makes us forget the being-there of the question. Blanchot writes in Awaiting Oblivion:

As if their words were searching for the level where, even with each other, they would allow silent evenness, the one that comes to light in the end, to be established between them. (p.80)