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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Save Middlesex Philosophy!

- But when ypu talk about the political system which is worthy of philosophy, which of the present-day systems do you mean?
-- None of them, I replied. That's precisely my complaint. There is no present-day political regime which lives up to the philosopher's nature. That's why his nature is twisted and transformed. It's like the seed of some exotic plant. When it's sown outside its native land, it tends to lose its distinguishing properties and vigour, and degenerate into the indigenous variety

Phaedo, 497 a-b

Middlesex is being closed down and a call for care is issued out, at the time of the first age of immanence of world the response find its way to every corner, and also the terror. I don't know whether our poverty (as Heidegger quotes Die Armut from Hölderlin: "Es koncentrirt sich bei uns alles auf's Geistige, wir sind arm geworden, um reich zu werden" ) can save it. Jean-Luc Nancy's writes (from petition website):

''Not only in Great Britain but everywhere it is a dark age for the Humanities. Does that mean as well for Human Being ? maybe, and for Being at all. Are we able to understand that ? Of course Humanities are to be renewed, reinvented: but not by destruction.''

I wish you think (sich besinnen) on these words of Nancy. The question does not concern whether philosophy is a successful faculty or not, it is about the long silence of mouths opening to the open. Philosophy became an occupation, officer's of state speaking the law of phallus are squirting on les non-dupes errant.

What is to be done?
Counter-terrorism. say a stop (say three times NO!) to elastic regimes, end the optical illusion of public. A time for plasticity, let's explode.

Revolutions concerning the ordering of words should become revolutions in concreto here lies the basic lesson of Kant.

Organize pain.

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