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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Theory Of Literature in German Romanticism

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe
Jean-Luc Nancy
The Literary Absolute
The Theory Of Literature In German Romanticism

from Preface:
"O Genoa, willingly would I divide myself into thee And a wave, in thy port, roll with the waves, Ripen in the company of thy golden oranges, Become the marble and audacity of thy porticos; A hero, I would rally thy band of maidens, I would tear the veil from their fiery eyes, I would revel in cups of nectar, In all of them, tarrying at none. Done with vague longing and hazy dreams! Let me delight in and embrace the stone statue, The Cytherean, and not her reflection. I dreamt--when from the foam, upsurging Came the goddess in a fragrance of roses. A voice resounded: "I form and transfigure!" Zacharias Werner From Selected Writings, published by his friends( Grimma, 1840- 1841), vol 1, 174. "


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