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Saturday, September 22, 2007

ephemera: theory & politics in organization vol.7

vol.7 of ephemera is out now! it's on "marginal competencies" with contents:

Jussi Parikka - Contagion and Repetition: On the Viral Logic of Network Culture

Martyna Sliwa and George Cairns - The Novel as a Vehicle of Organizational Inquiry: Engaging with the Complexity of Social and Organizational Commitment

Niels Thyge Thygesen and Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen - The Polyphonic Effects of Technological Changes in Public Sector Organizations: A System Theoretical Approach

note - Pat Kane in discussion with Steve Linstead and Rob McMurray. With additional questions by Andy McColl, Sebastian Bos and Ed Wray-Bliss > Dialoguing Play

interview:Bruno Latour and Tomas Sánchez-Criado > Making the ‘ Res Public'


What is ephemera?
ephemera is an electronic forum for developing and extending discussions of critical perspectives on organization.

ephemera is transdisciplinary and encourages contributions from a broad spectrum of academics, researchers, activists, practitioners, employees and other members of organizations.

ephemera invites critical discussions of a range of issues relating to organizations and organizing in their widest senses.

ephemera encourages a focus on the ephemeral nature of the present, emphasising change, transition, possibility, becoming, movement, difference, transience, mortality, variation, engagement, intervention, metamorphosis.

ephemera provides a platform for a critique of present modes of organization, but also for discussion of the meaning of critique and for the development and interrogation of current critical discourses on organization.

ephemera offers a forum to bring together a variety of perspectives in productive dialogue and critical questioning of the nature of contemporary organization.

ephemera has specifically chosen to provide its content free of charge, and to charge its readers only with free thought. So feel free to copy, re-copy and distribute ephemera as widely as you wish. (But please do fully acknowledge the work of our authors.)

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