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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Archaeology the Basics

Archaeology the Basics

Book Description

From archaeological jargon to interpretation, this volume probes the depths of this increasingly popular discipline, presenting critical approaches to the understanding of our past. This ultimate guide for all new and would-be archaeologists, whether they are students or interested amateurs, introduces its readers to archaeological thought, history and and practice. Lively and engaging, Archaeology : The Basics fires the archaeological imagination whilst tackling such questions as: * what are the basic concepts of archaeology? * how and what do we know about people and objects from the past? * what makes a good explanation in archaeology? * why dig here? Archaeology: the Basics provides an invaluable overview of a fascinating subject.


This work is designed to provide its reader with everything they should know when embarking on archaeological studies whether they are A Level or first year students or indeed if they are simply an interested amateur. This textbook introduces the reader to the fundamentals of archaeological study from fieldwork to the key issues - reconstruction of the past, heritage and conservation management, interrogating artefacts and interpreting the landscape. It also provides a crucial bridge between work in the field and the often forgotten areas such as theory, project management and the history and development of archaeology.

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