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Friday, September 28, 2007

Danger In The Field - Risk And Ethics In Social Research

Danger In The Field - Risk And Ethics In Social Research
Editor : Stephanie Linkogle, Geraldine Lee-Treweek

The nature of qualitative inquiry means that researchers constantly have to deal with the unexpected, and all too often this means coping with the presence of danger or risk. Danger in the Field is an innovative and lively analysis of the experience of different forms of danger in various qualitative research settings. Made up of researchers' reflexive accounts of their own encounters with 'danger' whilst carrying out research, this book expands our common sense use of the term to encompass not just physical danger, but emotional, ethical and professional danger too. In addition the authors pay special attention to the gendered forms of danger implicit in the research process.
From the physical danger of researching the night club 'bouncer' scene to the ethical dangers of participant observation in an old people's home, these contributions provide researchers and students with thought provoking insights into the importance of a well chosen research design.

Table of contents : 1. Putting Danger in the Frame Geraldine Lee-Treweek and Stephanie Linkogle 2. Taking the Flak: Operational Policing, Fear & Violence Louise Westmarland 3. Getting on the Door and Staying There: A Covert Participant Observational Study of Bouncers David Calvey 4. Negotiating Danger in Fieldwork on Crime: A Researcher's Tale Janet Jamieson 5. Bacteria & Babies: A Personal Reflection on Researcher Risk in a Hospital Gloria Lankshear 6. Dangerous Liaisons: Auto/biography in Research and Research Writing Gayle Letherby 7. The Insight of Emotional Danger: Research Experiences in a Home for Older People Geraldine Lee-Treweek 8. Relajo: Danger in a Crowd Stephanie Linkogle 9. Body, Career, and Community: The Implications of Research on Dangerous Groups Arthur J. Jipson and Chad E. Litton 10. Whiteness: Endangered Knowledges, Endangered Species? John Gabriel 11. Sheer Foolishness: Shifting Definitions of Danger in Conducting and Teaching Ethnographic Field Research Jeff Peterson


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