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Friday, May 16, 2008

Nietzsche's Ethics and his War on "Morality"

Nietzsche's Ethics and his War on "Morality"
by Simon May

# Paperback: 232 pages
# Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA; New Ed edition (November 21, 2002)

`Review from previous edition In sum ... this is a serious and thought provoking analysis that challenges both Nietzsche and his interpreters. May's book stands out from the rest in his rigorous analysis of the implicit principles of life-enhancement and in his challenging of both the necessity of Nietzsche's rejection of the transcendent and the viability of his individualism to his overall project of life-enhancement.' International Philosophical Quarterly

`This book has many strengths, one of which is May's rigorous and patient scrutiny of each of Nietzsche's transvalued ethical concepts.' International Philosophical Quarterly

`lucid and rigorous' International Philosophical Quarterly

`his claims offer significant challenges to entrenched understandings of many aspects of Nietzsche's moral philosophy, and further consideration of these challenges is likely to be fruitful.' Tom Bailey, New Nietzsche Studies Journal

`These discussions ... provide numerous stimulating approaches to particular aspects of Nietzsche's moral philosophy.' Tom Bailey, New Nietzsche Studies Journal

Product Description
Nietzsche famously attacked traditional morality, and propounded a controversial ethics of "life-enhancement". Simon May presents a radically new view of Nietzsche's thought, which is shown to be both revolutionary and conservative, and to have much to offer us today after the demise of old
values and the "death of God".

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