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Friday, May 16, 2008

Nietzsche and Metaphysics

Nietzsche and Metaphysics
(Oxford Philosophical Monographs)
by Peter Poellner

# Paperback: 336 pages
# Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA; New Ed edition (June 15, 2000)

"Poellner brings philosophical learning of an impressive scope to bear on his reading of Nietzsche, situating his views in relation to those of his intellectual forbears and testing them against those of contemporary analytic philosophers."--The Review of Metaphysics
"...those wishing to discover a "new" yet "traditional" Nietzsche may easily encounter him in Nietzsche and Metaphysics."--German Studies Review

Product Description
Poellner here offers a comprehensive interpretation of Nietzsche's later ideas on epistemology and metaphysics, drawing extensively not only on his published works but also his voluminous notebooks, largely unpublished in English. He examines Nietzsche's various distinct lines of thought on
the traditionally central areas of philosophy and shows in what specific sense Nietzsche, as he himself claimed, might be said to have moved beyond these questions. He pays considerable attention throughout both to the historical context of Nietzsche's writings and to subsequent developments in
philosophy--English-language as well as Continental.

ne kitsch bir kapak be. her neyse sevgili emici, türkiyede entellektüel alanın yapısından şikayetçiyim ve bunu yıkmak için stratejiler geliştirmeliyiz. öncelikle sahada at koşturan eblehleri taciz ve tariz ile kenara itilmeye peşkeş çekmeli

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