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Friday, March 14, 2008

The Secret of the Totem: Religion and Society from McLennan to Freud

The Secret of the Totem: Religion and Society from McLennan to Freud
by Robert Alun Jones

# Hardcover: 360 pages
# Publisher: Columbia University Press (August 16, 2005)

"An invaluable contribution to our grasp of an infamous episode in the history of the human sciences, Jones's comprehensive survey of the major players in the totemism controversy is unparalleled." -- Ivan Strenski, Holstein Family and Community Professor, University of California, Riverside, author of Contesting Sacrifice: Religion, Nationalism, and Social Thought in France

"For Frazer, Freud, Durkheim, and Malinowski, totemism was central in their efforts to describe the earliest stages of humanity's religious and social evolution. Jones's beautifully written study is easily the best analysis of this important chapter in the history of anthropology." -- Robert Ackerman, author of J. G. Frazer: His Life and Work


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