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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Husserl - Logical Investigations II

Logical Investigations II
(International Library of Philosophy)
by Edmund Husserl

# Paperback: 368 pages
# Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition (August 24, 2001)

'...Most welcome. For years students and teachers of Husserl's 'breakthrough' work, as he calls it, have had to contend with the original hardcover edition that was almost as inaccessible as it was expensive...members of graduate seminars can now avail themselves of a reasonably priced, complete edition...Adding to the attrativeness of these editions are their prefaces and introductions...In his brief preface Dummett notes the importance and potential of the work, given its timely traditions. Moran's substantial introduction is richly documented (the footnotes are a treasure trove) and lucidly written.' - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Book Description
Edmund Husserl is the founder of phenomenology. The Logical Investigations is Edmund Husserl's most famous work and has had a decisive impact on the direction of twentieth century philosophy. This is the first time both volumes of this classic work, translated by J.N. Findlay, have been available in paperback. They include a new introduction by Dermot Moran, placing the Logical Investigations in historical context and bringing out its importance for contemporary philosophy.


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