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Friday, March 28, 2008

Gilles Deleuze: An Apprenticeship in Philosophy by Michael Hardt

Gilles Deleuze: An Apprenticeship in Philosophy
by Michael Hardt

Paperback: 139 pages
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press (April 1993)

from a review on amazon:
Hardt's book on Deleuze can be applauded for two reasons: its careful reading of Deleuze's texts and its attempt to situate them critically among continental philosophy. Hardt is a clear writer, and his insights are often quite powerful and suggestive. However, like most writer on Deleuze his "deleuzian" reading seeks too much to reconfigure the texts (Bergson, Nietzsche,and Spinoza). Beyond Hardt's text stands the imposing shadow of Hegel -- perhaps my only hesitation with its analysis. There is a desire to find unity in difference however radical this difference might be. The key problem of scholarship on Deleuze seem to be precisely how to read him -- is the project Deleuze has laid out to reread his texts as he has reread others? How is one to be Deluezian? This said, Hardt's work is exceptional in most areas.


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