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Monday, January 28, 2008

Lacoue-Labarthe: where art thou?

has it been an already a year since Lacoue-Labarthe passed away.
it seems so.

Fynsk's words in after-words tells everything about his work's gratitude:
I will end this awkward note (dulled by the immediate effects of grief) with a word on the mystery of Philippe’s collapse. Those who were close to him know that it began many years ago, its causes inextricably psychic and physiological. He foundered in ways that will make his friends think uncomfortably of the fate of Hölderlin (with whom he identified powerfully), but that also prompt one to think of Heidegger’s words on the fates of thinkers like Nietzsche or Schelling (as at the beginning of the Schelling lectures). Philippe taught us to think carefully about such figures of thought, and especially of this particular version of tragic thought. He taught us a critically important sobriety. But he faced such issues with the seriousness with which he treated everything of Heidegger’s work of this period. And I believe that such seriousness leads us to consider his own fate in the light of Heidegger’s many remarks on the way a great thinker or poet faces disaster. Philippe deserves no less.

such a level of sense and bearing of it deserves no less than respect

Nancy's obituary and others
[can anyone translate Nancy's obituary into english?]

here are some links (mostly available from wiki):
*Bruno Tackels' lectures on L-L: france culture
* deconstructing mimesis: a symposium on L-L's thinking at sorbonne and complete recordings
* monogrammes x
* Entretien avec Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, réalisé par Bruno Duarte: De Hölderlin à Marx : mythe, imitation, tragédie
* "Oedipus as Figure" at radical philosophy
more on the way

and here are some articles by L-L:

Lacoue-Labarthe - Talks
Lacoue-Labarthe - Sublime Truth (Part 1)
Lacoue-Labarthe - Sublime Truth (Part 2)
Lacoue-Labarthe - Neither an Accident nor a Mistake
Lacoue-Labarthe - Il faut
Lacoue-Labarthe & JL Nancy - The Nazi Myth

and some articles on LL:
* Thinking the Apocalypse A Letter from Maurice Blanchot to Catherine David
* The Impossibility of Poetry Celan and Heidegger in France
* Review Mimesis and Truth by LL
* Re-re-re-reading Jena - susan bernstein


PDFs of these books are in next months list:

* Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe: Representation and the Loss of the Subject
by John Martis
* Lacoue-Labarthe - Typography
* Lacoue-Labarthe - Heidegger, Art and Politics
this is what I posted before The Literary Absolute: The Theory Of Literature In German Romanticism

if you have any article & book to share please send to "farkyarasi1 [at]".[especially this text: Memory Text: Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe (1940–2007)- Susan Bernstein in October Fall 2007, No. 122, Pages 121-127 ]

feel free to leave comments on Lacoue-Labarthe's thinking.

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