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Monday, January 28, 2008

A Promise to Burn Babylon

here is the word:

Keny Arkana's Le Rage (Rebellion) is The Song of the World after Paris banlieue revolts. what is coming is what is already here!

not only provincialization of europe is coming, west as Nancy says is in a war "againist itself" which depletes the sources of native soil of west. as Haar asks in 'the song of the earth': is another commencement, a non-western one coming? it has already...

“Something . . . happened . . . in the first half of this century, and the second half, hovering between nightmare and parody, is only its shadow. Even so we must take its measure. Not on a small scale, based on the last three or four centuries. . . . But since philosophy, even in its possibility, is at stake, the true assessment, incalculable as it is, of the entire history of the West is needed. And that is another matter altogether.” Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe (1989) “Neither an accident nor a mistake” in Critical Inquiry, Vol. 15, No. 2. (Winter, 1989), p. 481, tr. by Paula Wissing

the crimes of west againist west at WW2 isn't solved but muted. the hundred year circle (of Norbert Elias: some events he says give birth after a hundered years;i.e. their becoming an issue for the fate of society) will bring massive destruction of West in the coming century[not a prophesy: I'm not talking of a material destruction(yet there is also the possibility of this) what I mean is that as a civilization there is a fundamental double-bind for west of which Lacoue-Labarthe gone mad about. to talk of this question en mesoi(at the center) is the only way for worlds to live together. if not, if the denial of the singularity of the peoples of "rest" there may happen anything. the logic of camp(Agamben) is a manifestation of this politically incorrect attitude. the finishing of the "centre for philosophical research on the political" is at the end of the spectrum].

what Lacoue-Labarthe sensed of this silence is the unsettling quietness of the coming catastrophe. (I can be accused of being a pessimist, who is not european and who has a hatred of europe; so that sees every right to attack to west for his belated modernization. yet this will be the denial of coeval exposition of worlds to the Earth which is indeed a very Western attitude about the understanding of Being). the war of monotheisms (christianity vs. judaism) is now trans-lated on islam vs. judaism where the same struggle isn't the case. because islam is not a mono-theo-ism, yet only excess came: suicide bombing, an act that is forbidden is being done for the sake of religion. the gesture of explosion is the result of the symbolic violence exposed upon world by western metaphysics at its most radical level. right to dwell, to share a heim of muslim people is denied as if it is natural. turning middle east into a disposable, hegemony sees every right to intervene.

the fold named palestine is the new zenith. revolutionary stance of Islam muted by modernization projects obligated by western educated elites (see bobby sayyid's "a fundamental fear") is retreating in every piece of the fragmented muslim world. the question of urheimat is remembered, the return to the sources started

yet there is also a danger. another absolute, a much more powerful than western metaphysics is also possible. Ottoman State was never an imperium yet what I observe in my country and the muslim world is the claim of the absolute: with a difference; a post-modern one. post-modern empire. ın the street, at tv (also turkey is the most anti-american/western country in statistics) you see The Claim. there are books being published calling Ottomans back: "come back Ottomans" also Arab world is rethinking of Ottomans. with a corrupted historiography written by self-orientalists; Ottomans are pcitured as colonizers in Arab world. what became much more clear for Arabs after 9/11 is that the ones who told them Ottomans are colonizers are the colonizers themselves. at jordan an old man told me that "for long years we are told turks colonized & sold us cheap, yet what we see now is that our kings are the polices of west" how happened this turn? the veto to USA at Iraq war (the one which was about US troops passing from turkish territory) made turkey a center of concern again. the question of being a postmodern imperium of absolute is at hand.

yet burning of the Babylon is unavoidable!

[I'm really interested in your thoughts on this matter, please leave comments: as you can see the question is a turbulenting one, at some points I'm not really sure]

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