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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


nothing to say. just a montage-assemblage

What then, if philosophy – whether as critique or not – loses its sovereignty, and is indeed no longer capable of effecting its own desubstantialisation, its own expropriation? What if it exists in a field where the substance of thought is beyond the scope of its own self-legislation? Or, to paraphrase Kant, What is it to orient oneself in capitalism?, which is to say in a reality where philosophy is beset and often outstripped by an ‘automatic subject’, to use Marx’s ominous phrase, which critique struggles to circumscribe and which non-critical affirmative thought strains to rival?


Blanchot writes in The Infinite Conversation (p.265) "an uncertain, indecisive fate that therefore remains always unaccomplished"

Adorno to Bloch (1962) "A good deal of what I wrote in my youth has the character of a dreamlike anticipation, and only after a certain moment of shock, which no doubt coincided with the outbreak of Hitler’s Reich, did I truly believe that I was right to do what I did. Like most socalled child prodigies, I am a very late developer, and I still feel today that whatever I truly exist for still lies before me"


I'm disgusted with the Ph.D application process, what a waste of time. bourdieu was right verbatim. I want to wake up to a morning of homo academicus hecatomb


en azından Celan & Bachmann mektuplaşmalarının türkçesi çıktı, turkuvaz kitap, adi "kalp zamanı" (herzzeit). Yok Etme'de hani güler ya Maria (Bachmann) tüm bir kitabı kateder sonra bu neşe, ve sonrasını bilmediğim bir yerde metin kayıplara karışır, Bernhard nereye kaçışır, nasıl hayatta kalır? belki bu yüzden Bachmann, Bernhard için Beckett'i aştı diyordu, hayatta "kal"manın bir yolunu buldu.

turkish translation of herzzeit (celan-bachmann correspondance) made its way to shelves now. remembrance tells me of the smile Maria gifted to Bernhard's Auflösung [extinction], at the same time visceral and vicarious, bringing madness a twist, appropriating it, running away turning back, those true fugitives full of laughter run away, we lose the trace- no longer "trace"s. after human. that's why Bachmann wrote Bernhard passed beyond Beckett concerning the determinations his ecriture deals with. He found a way to remain alive.



marxbert said...

Again, thank you for your many efforts over the months. I am still learning very much thanks to you and autodidactism.

I have returned recently to Jena Romanticism and have appreciated the editions you've made available. It seems you have gained a lot from Schlegel and wanted to draw your attention to Novalis. There is a good scan of some philosophical fragments on Google Books:
The text "Flower Pollen" is a group of fragments published in the first edition of Schlegel's literary journal in 1798. If you have access to JSTOR, Alexander Gelley does an incredible translation of the first draft of these aphorisms "Miscellaneous Remarks." If you don't have access, I can upload the document to mediafire for you.

I have recently reposted some of your material on different sites (torrents, etc). When I was looking for more information on Schlegel, I found that more than I realized was coming from your site. I am not linking directly to your links--I hope you understand the spirit I make these texts available and are not under the impression I'm "taking credit" for your work.

renc-u-ana said...

I have those writings by schlegel. and bought atheneaum journal's facsimile edition with gothic letters. it is seduction per se

Aristotle said...

Hey how are you, how did the PhD applications go? Long lay off ;)

Chris said...

i'm trying to get my hand on Hubert Dreyfus' lectures on Merleau-Ponty. The course website has only corrupted .dss files and no one is seeding in torrent ... can anyone help? I would be most grateful.