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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dallmayr - Hegel: Modernity and Politics [made in istanbul]

Who is the leading philosopher of modernity? With this innovative volume, Dallmayr offers his learned opinion by exploring Hegel's thought as it pertains to the meaning of modernity and postmodernity: the celebration of individual freedom and the importance of a network of social relationships, public justice, and civic virtue. This lucid examination illustrates how Hegel responds to the urgent contemporary issues for which we look to the past for assistance. Because Fred R. Dallmayr's text clearly explicates Hegel's work in the context of current theoretical and philosophical debates about modernity, Hegel is recognized as a great figure in the history of political thought. This important text combines rigorous scholarship with a style that is accessible to both intermediate and advanced undergraduates, and graduates and professionals in political theory and the humanities. "Taking a sensible, chronological approach to Hegel's writings, G.W.F. Hegel is a well-written and thoughtful exposition of Hegel's political philosophy that should be accessible to advanced undergraduates and graduate students." --Choice "Hegel for our times. . . . Fred R. Dallmayr shows dramatically how Hegel enriched even those traditions that were critical of him. A lucid, well-argued exposition of the richness of Hegel's political philosophy. Hegel emerges from this study as a most-sophisticated and almost prescient critical philosopher of modernity. Surprisingly relevant for the attempts to achieve a viable civil society in post-communist countries. Inspiring and fresh, the book brings out the historically immense impact of Hegel's thought in all its variety." --Shlomo Avineri, The Hebrew University, Israel "Fred Dallmayr has written a splendid book on Hegel, focusing primarily on Hegel's political philosophy. Dallmayr's treatment is lucid, informed, judicious, and lively. Hegel comes 'alive' because Dallmayr shows how Hegel is relevant to some of the deepest tensions and problems that we confront today in our political life. Dallmayr is especially insightful in showing how Hegel deals with the tensions between the demands for individual freedom and the need to nurture communal social and political bonds. He explores the ways in which Hegelian themes have been developed and attacked by Hegel's heirs and critics. Dallmayr presents a strong case for showing that Hegel is the philosopher of modernity and how he still 'speaks to us.'" --Richard Bernstein, New School for Social Research "Fred Dallmayr has written a profound and wide-ranging book on Hegel. It draws on a substantial range of sources and throws a great deal of light on difficult ideas. It will be indispensable to scholars and students alike." --Raymond Plant, University of Southampton

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