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Monday, December 8, 2008

Philosophical Fragments by Friedrich Schlegel

Philosophical Fragments
by Friedrich Schlegel

Rodolphe Gasche (Foreword), Peter Firchow (Translator)

Fredrich Schlegel has long been recognized as the central force behind the early German Romantic movement. Schlegel first defined and coined the term “Romantic” in the present sense, employing a fragmentary yet forceful tone to proclaim the doctrine that became recognized as a philosophical position distinct from Idealism (Hegel) or the poetics of poetry (Holderlin) and ultimately ushered in the modern age in literature. At a time when the function of criticism is again coming under close skeptical scrutiny, Schlegel's unorthodox, highly original mind, as revealed in these foundational "fragments," provides the critical framework for reflecting on contemporary experimental texts.


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Just wanted to report a dead link. Thanks for your work!