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Monday, December 8, 2008

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum, or the issue for thinking "world" anew

"the seasons change continually while I stand at the window... I see how the catastrophe is shaping up; looking out of the window I see it shaping up noiselessly, taking place noiselessly. I am not allowed to speak of it."

Gargoyles, Thomas Bernhard Vintage press, p.192-8

being exposed to the hetero-affection through/of the lines of Nancy's "The Creation of the World or Globalization," transcribing experience of an (more) originary repetition - 'order of things' (sens) on the way to think world anew, are being torn asunder. no system, no more alwayss, just fragments to directives (Lingis) through the imperative. a dedication which demands a soberness to bear this pain transcribed in the lines of Bernhard.

with these motivations in mind, I made up this collection.

thanks for the e-mails asking if I am sick or finished up with blogging. sorry for such a long delay, I'll try to discipline myself for posting in a more regular fashion.

Goodbye Alexandros Grigoropoulos

more information on Tarnac 9 affair & Tiqqun

Coupat, a ph.d student at EHESS "école des hautes études sciences sociales" studied situationism, entitled 'perspective et critique de la pensee situationniste' (dea dissertation 1997).

Next Issue:

Teresa Brennan

edit: I love this video by Beach House "used to be"

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