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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Deleuze - Empiricism and Subjectivity: An Essay on Hume's Theory of Human Nature

Empiricism and Subjectivity
An Essay on Hume's Theory of Human Nature

Gilles Deleuze
Translated by Constantin V. Boundas

"Anticipates much of Deleuze�s own thought. . . . For those concerned to see the emergence of a distinctive contemporary thought . . . this book is essential."
—David Allison, State University of New York, Stony Brook

At last available in paperback, this book anticipates and explains the post-structuralist turn to empiricism. Presenting a challenging reading of David Hume's philosophy, the work is invaluable for understanding the progress of Deleuze's thought.


Preface to the English-Language Edition
Translator's Introduction: Deleuze, Emipiricism, and the Struggle for Subjectivity
1. The Problem of Knowledge and the Problem of Ethics
2. Cultural World and General Rules
3. The Power of Imagination in Ethics and Knowledge
4. God and the World
5. Empiricism and Subjectivity
Principles of Human Nature
Conclusion: Purposiveness

buna yazacak komik birşey bulamadım şebekliğe doyamadım alper tunga öldü mü?

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