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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ablutions of Sarah Kofman

To remain with her absencing? Après moi, le déluge? When one reads Kofman, one's own 'when' becomes a question, her words are of extreme contemprary, neutre. Traversing, hugging, kissing history of philosophy Kofman asks (like Dastur) how to talk of world, how to say what Kant calls 'required elegance'? It is this voice, amiable and amorous, benights its reader, there you see Blanchot and our friends blind, only a touch, touch of pen to paper, that quivering of world. A certain spacing is here (like Walser's trees). Heidegger writes no one can leap over his own shadow, and it is our shadows concatenates us and those shadows are more and more becoming apparent. Kofman's shadow is now with Marx, Freud and Nietzsche, laughing ebulliently. If you have a chance to visit her, with a bouquet... Mettle, please.

"Ve yarın, bütün inanılmazlığına karşın, her şeyin gözle görülebileceği bir gündüzün başlayacak oluşu ne büyük mutluluktur" Kafka (hikayeler, sf. 19)

note on blog: I'm going to have GRE so I'm overcrowded with spectres of 18th century britain, time will come, I'll post Dastur, Kofman, Bourdieu -and who knows if this would not be a promise I would break again?


Aristotle said...

You are going to have GRE being in Germany? :) Or have you shifted your location already? I was trying to ask you, if you know anybody who knows about some good lecture courses on post-Modernism/ cont. philosophy in Uni Heidelberg/Frankfurt. Hopefully I'll be in Heidelberg next year ;)

renc-u-ana said...

hi aristoteles I took GRE in istanbul, got a 620 verbal and 730 math score.

sorrily I know no one, I have been in frankfurt exactly at the summer holiday. there was no student, I went to the campus several times, went to the student clubs, "nichts".

a friend of mine was in heidelberg this summer, he said it is a nice place just for a holiday. I wish you enjoy it. there is a wonderful but expensive bookstore on the main road. at the basement there is superb section on marx/ism. also very rare books on Herder (gush I was out of cash when I reached the town, and before entering this place, I've been to the other best bookstore [in the upper parallel street] and bought rilke's gesammelte werke in 12 banden für fünfzehn euro, good deal. whatever I couldn't have these rare editions, and I still dream of them). that's all for now. coming to postmodernism, I think a much more breeding experience will be "critical environments" by Caryl Wolfe (from: 'theory out of bounds' series). a thriller, believe me.

Aristotle said...

Hey thanks a bunch for all your info... And congrats for your score. Im always afraid of GRE for the Maths part :( In fact, I wont hide, I'm constantly having second thoughts about choosing Germany over US for my PhD. It seems if one loves his theory, he should consider going to the US.

Aristotle said...

PS: Tnx for the books clues. I need to get some German of my own to really enjoy those basement books you recommended ;) I'll try Goethe Inst. may be (heard very expensive though)

renc-u-ana said...

hey goethe institute is extreeeeemely expensive. C'mon try this one I've been to this place and it's really cheap and if you do double (both morning and afternoon classes, which is at total 500euro for month) you do have 7hours of german a day, and if you keep studying at home regularly in four months believe me you can start reading stuff that rulezzz.