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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jean-Luc Nancy made a comment on a post published here (not joking)

Jean-Luc Nancy (yes he, himself) made a comment here

" the photo of mine with the article is from the photographer'


please have her name shown near the photo - thank you

jean-luc nancy"

This made me return to blogging. Thanks.
I don't know how I silenced my sneeze since I saw it for the first time.


Nathan said...

that is a pretty amazing!


olric said...

wunderbar..aber vielleicht kannst du auch für uns ein bisschen bloggen oder? :) yolunda devam etmen dileğiyle..

marxbert said...

another reason to thank mnsr. nancy--his contributions to theory and instigating your return to blogging.

thank you for everything. i have read a great deal thanks to your efforts.