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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Communism at Birkbeck

I'll be there On the Idea of Communism

I will make a bombardment when I'm back

see you


pınar said...

you crazy turk
kiss badiou for me

Solomon's Mindfield said...

Just in case you didn't know-you can now officially get in for free!! Please forward widely.

renc-u-ana said...

I know it by way of a friend

actually I paid the 45 2months ago whatever communism will win

ARerreF said...

steven shaviro had an interested write up on his blog after the conference. i'd be interested to hear what you (and other people) think.

renc-u-ana said...

I'm actually writing to a turkih magazine, o after it, I'll write another for the blog

red or dead said...

red or dead

Nietzsche said...

great blog. got anymore Nietzsche ebooks in pdf format? keep up the good work.