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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beiser - Schiller as Philosopher: A Re-Examination

Schiller as Philosopher: A Re-Examination
by Frederick Beiser

`Review from previous edition a carefully researched, meticulously documented, and clearly written account of one of the insufficiently appreciated philosophical thinkers of the eighteenth century' Christopher Adair-Toteff, British Journal for the History of Philosophy

` taking Schiller seriously as a philosopher Beiser succeeds in revealing the subtlety of his thought and mounts a persuasive case against the narrow representation of his ideas in contemporary Kant scholarship.' Jason Gaiger, The Philosophers' Magazine

`the author has done a tremendous job of reintroducing Schiller and his philosophy to the modern world' Brad Eden, Consciousness, Literature and the Arts

`Beiser's approach and even his arguments mirror the deeply unsettled character of Schiller's thought itself.' Robert E Norton, Times Literary Supplement

Product Description
Fred Beiser, renowned as one of the world's leading historians of German philosophy, presents a brilliant new study of Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805), rehabilitating him as a philosopher worthy of serious attention. Beiser shows, in particular, that Schiller's engagement with Kant is far more subtle and rewarding than is often portrayed. Promising to be a landmark in the study of German thought, Schiller as Philosopher will be compulsory reading for any philosopher, historian, or literary scholar engaged with the key developments of this fertile period.


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