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Sunday, July 20, 2008

France: à bout de souffle

Hardt writes in political thought in italy's opening lines:

In Marx's time revolutiionary thought seemed to rely on three axes: german philosophy, english economics and french politics. In our time axes shiftedso that if we remain the same euro-american framework, revolutionary thinking might be said to draw on french philosophy, U.S. economics and italian politics.

I will try to provide books in this milieu. there will be several issues on french's post-war flourishing.

I tried to bring leading intellectuals' responses together to the new world of post-45 capitalism and socialism. here we have lyotard, barthes, baudrillard, de Certeau, Castoriadis .

two books on movements: Ffrench's book on Tel Quel which is one of the most original editorials of the century. the other is on existential marxism book, it would be helpful for you to read generation existential for a better understanding of Heidegger's conquest.

Contemporary French Philosophy: Modernity And The Persistence Of The Subject & Biography and the Question of Literature in France are very rich books indeed both questioning the agency which was probably the most prominent subject matter in an age when capitalism asserted itself as nature.

some books on early modern france. some music. too much boredom (kracacuer!)

that is all. istanbul is too hot. sorry for making you wait too much. adieu.

artwork: Salvatore Puglia - L'Art de la radiographie

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